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We have offices in Pretoria and Johannesburg. Our coordination services, however, are available nationwide.


Frequently Asked

If I hire Feels Like Home, do I have to use all your services?
  • No, we are happy to assist you with the specific service(s) you choose to use.
  • SPUS (Sort | Pack | Unpack | Settle in) forms the basis of our organising service and is included in all packages.
  • You can choose which additional and/or specialised services you want to add on, if any.
    How much will my move cost?
    • Each family and house is unique – so is every move. It depends on the size of your house, the number of items that need to be transported and the distance of the move. We will be happy to meet you in your home for a free meet and greet consultation to discuss your specific needs and provide you with a quotation.
    • We however offer a basic package with a fixed fee of R7 950 for a standard size home, T&C’s apply.
    • We require a signed agreement and deposit for the moving company as well as Feels Like Home’s services in order to add your project to our calendar.
    • Download our free moving binder for how to DIY and save costs.
      Can I do my own packing and unpacking?
      • Yes, choose one of our DIY packages and with the use of our SPUS organising system we will assist you with completing the overwhelming task efficiently.
      I need to declutter my house. How can you help me?

      Feels Like Home offers a standard decluttering service, and if needed we hire specialists in this field.

      I need to downsize - can you help me?

      Yes, Feels Like Home can assist you in deciding what to keep, donate or sell. We then liaise with suppliers who can sell your excess furniture.   

      Set Up For Success


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