We coordinate every detail of the move and organise your new house into a familiar space where you feel at home.

Moving out

1. Coordinate

There are two aspects to moving – moving OUT and moving IN. We coordinate all the details of both these components, along with everything in between: 

  • Liaise with moving company, from getting quotes to delivering house contents at the new house.
  • Logistics oversight.
  • Coordinate a wide range of additional and specialised services to ensure that your move is customised to your specific requirements (see below).


2. Organise

Feels Like Home was established as a company in response to the need for reducing the stress of moving to a new house. A large part of the stress is due to packing and finding a place for everything. FLH can assist you with reducing everything to what you really want to keep and move.

We work from the premise that settling into your new home as soon as possible takes a lot of the stress out of moving. Successful settling in, however, starts with sorting out, which in turn leads to methodical packing, unpacking and settling in quickly and easily.

Our SPUS (Sort | Pack | Unpack | Settle In) system is the backbone of our organising service and enables us to offer you a smooth transition to your new home.


Sort and Pack

Sorting and packing are the most time-consuming stages of moving because there is so much that needs to be done before packing the first box. If you have done your own packing before, you know it usually takes weeks to get it all done. With Feels Like Home’s assistance this can be a much quicker and less stressful process.


It is essential to sort out cupboards before moving so that boxes can be packed in categories, ensuring that everything is unpacked in the right place from the start.

Sorting out cupboards implies that items that need to be together must be in one place before packing – especially in the kitchen.

Our busy lives do not always allow us the time to get rid of unwanted and unnecessary items. Most of us only realise how much “stuff” we have accumulated when we need to start packing to move to a new house.

  • Declutter

Relocating becomes a costly exercise when you have tons of stuff that need to be transported. Decluttering is part of sorting and needs attention before your move.

A decluttered house makes settling in a breeze and helps transform your new house into a familiar and serene home.

  • Downsize

Downsizing also forms part of sorting. Transporting large amounts of furniture means unnecessary labour and adds to moving cost. If you have excess furniture that won’t fit into your new house, it’s a good idea to hand out to family and friends, donate, or sell it.

Feels Like Home’s standard service includes basic sorting out of cupboards. However, we also offer excessive sorting, decluttering, and downsizing services and can assist in selling items.


Feels Like Home can arrange packing and unpacking services with the moving company of your choice, or you can make use of our in-house packing service.

Make it feel like home

Unpack and Settle In


You don’t want to live amongst boxes for weeks (if not months). If boxes are packed according to FLH’s organised system, unpacking is quick and painless.

We assist in unpacking and organising your cupboards.

Within a day your house can be completely unpacked and organised and you will know exactly where to find your belongings. All items are placed exactly where you want them and packed in the correct cupboards, as determined during the pre-visit of the new house.

We use a pre-determined floorplan.

All furniture and bigger décor items, plants and lamps are placed where you want it to be.

Settle In

On moving-day, life can carry on as usual while we transform your new home into a familiar space. Everything will be organised, and you will even be welcomed by a home-cooked meal when you return.

Our services include:

  • Organising kitchen.
  • Making up bedrooms.
  • Making up bathrooms and hanging clean towels.
  • Covering windows or hanging curtains of selected rooms.
  • Cleaning of house after moving in.
  • Removing of all boxes and packing materials.

Do you want to handle your own move but need tips or assistance on how to make the process less stressful?

Feels Like Home offers DIY moving options where you make use of our  SPUS organising system to get you settled in.


3. Additional Services

Feels Like Home offers a variety of additional services to make settling in even more comfortable for you.


Would you prefer to arrange the moving of your house contents yourself? Maybe you know someone who can do it for you? You are welcome to do so; we will still work with them and oversee the move.

Another option is to hire a truck. LA Rouxnelle Logistics & Consulting can help you with this option. They offer open and closed trucks with drivers, as well as shuttle services where the contents of a house need to be carried over more than 20 meters.

Old House
  • Proper cleaning of the old house after the move.
  • Waste pick-up.
  • Remove curtains.
  • Wash curtains.
  • Carpet cleaning.
  • Cleaning fridges and freezers.
  • Fix picture holes in walls.
New House
  • Proper cleaning and sanitizing of the new house before moving in.
  • Wash cutlery and crockery after unpacking.
  • Grocery shopping.
  • Garden services.
  • Carpet cleaning.
  • Hanging of pictures.
  • Connecting electronics and internet.
  • Fix picture holes in walls.



4. Specialised Services

We liaise with various trusted companies that can cater for your specific needs. Need to move a piano? We’ll get a specialist that will move it for you with the utmost care. Want to move your Porsche without driving it to the new home? We’ll get a specialist that uses customised closed flat-bed trucks to transport it safely.

These services include:
  • Moving of executive cars.
  • Specialist assembling and disassembling services.
  • Wrapping of furniture and high value items.
  • Moving of heavy items like concrete garden décor.
  • Hoisting.
  • Transporting of high value and fragile items.
  • Piano moving.
  • Moving of pets.
  • Storage.
  • Getting your new house ready for moving in:
    • Changing locks of the new house.
    • Professional interior decorating.
    • Landscaping.
    • Handyman services.
    • Painting inside and outside.
  • International relocation.

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