How It Works

We get you settled into your new home in 1 to 3 days.

Easy As 1, 2, 3

Our Process

Meet & Greet

During our free introduction meeting we learn about you and your story, explain how we work, you ask questions, and you decide if you would like to work with us. If so, we arrange a date for the first consultation, or we can decide to proceed immediately.

First Consultation

We do a complete walk-through of your home and get all the information for the moving and box inventory, including additional and/or specialised services you might need.

Second Consultation

Here we assist with the basic sorting of cupboards to ensure that boxes are packed to correspond with the cupboards in the new house. We discuss if any decluttering needs to be done and whether you need assistance with selling any items.

Third Consultation

At this point we’ll do a pre-visit of the new house. We’ll establish if your old house contents will fit in your new house, determine designated cupboards and workstations, and draw up a furniture and loose items floor plan.


Personalised and Professional

You want to be settled into your new home as soon as possible. Settling IN starts with Sorting OUT.

FLH’s SPUS system (Sort | Pack | Unpack | Settle in) is the backbone of our organising service. We therefore need to consult with you to fully customise our service to your specific requirements. From there on out you RELAX and we DO.


We have offices in Pretoria and Johannesburg. Our coordination services, however, are available nationwide.

We promise you a relaxed moving experience and commit ourselves to excellent service and transparency.

Stress-free moving solutions so you can save time and skip the overwhelm.

We coordinate every detail of the move and organise your new house into a familiar space where you feel at home.

You want to handle your own move but need tips and/or assistance on how to make the process less stressful?

FLH offers DIY moving options where you make use of our SPUS organising system to get you settled in.

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